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Dollies for drapery or soft goods.
Dollies for nearly everything
Transport solution for costumes on tour
Transport solution for requisites.
Setbuilding - making of the exhibition tabel for the mask of Tutancamun - His Tomb and The Treasures

Grease The Musical 2017

Curtain Paintings for the Musical Grease 2017

Project Ad Deville

Building of Special Exhibition Furniture for the AAM in San Diego after the Design of the New York artist Ad DeVille

Anfertigung von Ausstellungsmobiliar


In our own workshops we build stage sets for theatre or touring prductions and furnitures for exhibitions, custom made. We provide high-quality, bespoke production services for our clients with precise attention to detail.
The above picture shows the making off of one of the exhibtion tables for the touring production of "King Tut /Tutanchamun - His Tomb and the Treasures".
The following picture shows the finished one in the exhibition.

Transport solutions

For the touring exhibition of "Tutanchamun - His Tomb and The Treasures" we also developed and built transport solutions for more than 1000 exhibition objects of most different sizes to assure that all exhibits will be well received on the move to another city.

We build custom made dollies like costume dollies, stage hampers, stage manager's desks, transport solutions for wigs, requisites etc. .

For more info see: Tutanchamun - Sein Grab und die Schätze

If you need any transport solutions for your production, please, call us or send us an email.
Anfertigung   Anfertigung
Setbuilding - columns for graphics for Tutancamun - His Tomb and The Treasures
Setbuilding - Exhibition tables for Tutancamun - His Tomb and The Treasures


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