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Bollywood LED

Impression of "The Merchants of Bollywood" - with open LED wall
The Merchants of Bollywood
Impression of "The Merchants of Bollywood" - with closed LED wall

Bollywood - The Show

Impressions of "The Merchants of Bollywood"

Bollywood - The Shoiw


Bollywood - The Show


"The Merchants of Bollywood" - International Event / on tour with Showconcept

Since 2007 "The Merchants of Bollywood" (in German-speaking countries "Bollywood - The Show" tours the whole world with our technical equipment. We provide lighting (Martin Moving Lights), sound (Meyer Sound M'Elody Line Arrays, Meyer Sound HP 700, Meyer Sound Galileo), rigging, movable LEDs (Martin) and video equipment and take over the technical supervising and the technical support.
Also we supplied transport solutions for the hundreds of costums to make them arrive in good shape also in far away countries like China.

The upper picture shows the moving LED-Walls at the curved truss. The changing positions give room to design and creativity and provide always new impressions during the whole show.

Some impressions of the show see on the left.

Showconcept Kostümracks im Einsatz Meyer Sound M'Elody
Our transport solution for Bollywood - the right picture shows the Meyer Sound Line Arrays in Paris - Palais des Sports







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