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Sample Projects:

Exhibition - King Tut - His Tomb And The Treasures
Worldwide Exhibtions
Marvel - universe of Super Heroes
in Dearborn, Henry Ford Museum
Disneys - die Schöne und das Biest
Musical: Disneys' The Beauty and the Beast
Musical: Flashdance
Pilobolus Shadwoland
Shows and Events:
Pilobolus Shadowland
Ballett Revolucion
Modern and Classical Ballet Production, here Ballett Revolución
The Rocky Horror Show
Musical: The Rocky Horror Show
Rock the Ballet
Modern Ballet Productions, here Rock the Ballet
Events: The Rat Pack



TUTANCHAMUN- HIS TOMB and the TRAESURES opened in Zurich in July 2020

Welcome at SHOWCONCEPT GmbH online!

The Corona Virus is responsable for the shutdown of nearly the complete event business, and of course, the SHOWCONCEPT GmbH as one of the leading full service providers of technical equipment, realisation, logistics etc. for events, touring events of any kind, exhibitions, stageand TV productions in Europe is concerned.

Therefore we were very happy in these times about the opening of the exhibition of TUTANCHAMUN - HIS TOMB AND THE TREASURES in Zurich/ Switzerland. Halle 622, in July 2020.

SHOWCONCEPT designed, planned and realised the project under Corona conditions and regulations. This implied extensive time for realisation to ensure safety for the technical crew for the load in as well as for the visitors of the exhibtion and give them some time off in The Exhibition.

SHOWCONCEPT GMBH - Short Portfolio

We offer producers and creative people a one-stop-solution from the planning phase of a production to the technical realisation in lighting, sound, rigging, kinetcs, video and LED technology as well as stage and set constructions and logistics. Budget orientated, of course.
Our team consists of specialists of the event branche.
SHOWCONCEPT offers world wide service.

We provide single or full service for projects of any size.

SHOWCONCEPT 's rental parc in Europe for professional show equipment - Meyer Sound Line Arrays (Leopard, Lina, Galileo Galxy 816, DiGiCo SDT / Theatre Consoles, a big range of moving lights of Martin Professional/ Harmann, Clay Paki. We also offer LED Walls and LED Equipment, ETC, Shure, (New: Shure Axient Digital Micro ADX1M, AD1, AD2)Slick, Prolyte, Chainmaster, Movecat, I-Motion, Green-Go Communication Sytems etc... .


Exhibition furniture constructions, set building, custom made cases and dollies for example for Tutanchamun- His Tomb and The Treasures and MARVEL - Universe of Super Heroes, Set constructions.


NEW! in our Rental Parc:

MOVECAT Stage Pro Motors 1000kg D8+

Meyer Sound Leopard Line Arrays

Meyer Sound Lina Line Arrays

Meyer Sound LFC 900
Meyer Sound LFC 750

Meyer Sound Ultra Series UPM-1
Meyer Sound Ultra Series X40 / X42

Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy 816

Meyer Sound MJF 208
Meyer Sound MJF 210

DiGiCo SD 10 Theater
Optocore DD4MR-FX

Glasfaser Digital Multicore
Neutrik Optical Con Due Advanced Xtreme 150m

Glasfaser Luminex Giga Core 10 Duo 10 MMF
Luminex Gigacore 14R
Luminex Gigacore RPSU

SHURE AXIENT DIGITAL Wireless Systems, Handhelds and Bodypacks
Shure AXIENT DIGITAL MINI wireless Systems
ADX1M Micro Taschensender, AD1, AD2

Green-Go Communication Systems
Digital Intercom Systems, wireless + wired
WBPX wireless Intercom
BPX wired Intercom
MCXEXT-24 channel 19" Erweiterung
MCX 19"
Green-Go WAA - Antenna

AVIOM Personal Monitoring System, A16D , A16D Pro 8 Port A-Net Verteiler, A16II Personal Mixer

Gerriets Tube Roller Screen Systems
Movecat I-Motion Steuerung

SHURE In-Ear Monitoring Systems
SHURE P10TE Sender
SHURE P10R+ Empfänger
PA 805SWB Antenne

ETC EOS Titanium 4096 ch / Nomad Software

ETC ION mit Universal Fader Wing -1024 ch / Nomad Software


For more info see: Tutanchamun - His Tomb And The Treasures
and: Setbuilding
N. Böhme, S.Malzkorn, J. Hauer, J. Persson