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Sample Projects:

Exhibition - King Tut , Tutanchamun - His Tomb And The Treasures
Grease 2017
Grease - The Musical 2017
Rocky Horror Show
Show: Richard O'Brians Rocky Horror Show 2017/ 2018
Pilobolus Shadwoland
Pilobolus Shadowland
Ballett Revolucion
Ballett Revolución


Ballet Revolucion

Ballet Revolucíon

Welcome at Showconcept online!

Showconcept is one of the leading full service providers of technical equipment for events, touring events of any kind, exhibitions, stage and TV productions. We offer lighting, sound, rigging, video and LED technology as well as stage and set constructions.

We provide single or full service for projects of any size.

Showconcept has one of the biggest rental parcs in Europe for professional showequipment - Meyer Sound Leopard Line Array incl. Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy, a big range of moving lights of Martin Professional, e.g. Mac Viper Profile, Performance and Wash. We also offer LED Walls and LED Equipment, Shure, Slick, Prolyte, Chainmaster, etc... .


Exhibition furniture constructions, setbuilding, custom made cases and dollies for example for Tutanchamun- His Tomb and The Treasures

New in our Rental Pool!!!!!!

Meyer Sound Leopard Line Array

wirth Meyer Sound Galileo Galaxy

For more info see: Tutanchamun - His Tomb And The Treasures
and: Setbuilding
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