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In our Production Centre near Cologne/ Bonn Airport in Germany you can rent 600qm Rehearsal Hall (20m x 30m). In addition you can rent additional dressing roms, offices, catering facilities, backstage services or technics.

The Hall is multifunctional and can be used for various purpose as rehearsal facility for touring productions as well as for example as a studio for film and TV.
The stage can be placed everywhere in the room, because the special hanging situation allows hanging points at every point over the floor.
The Hall is completely equipped with a floor heating system.
Hall and dressingrooms build a separate area in the Production centre with an own entrance and an own load-in way.

Also for rent is the bistro-like catering area with a big kitchen. You can have a complete catering from us or use your road caterer.

The Rehearsal Hall / Technical Description:

Height (clearance):10m

Floor: Fibre concrete with floor heating system.
Maximum Load: 2t /qm
Wooden floor upon requiry: 40mm beech-tree with bottom construction (each floorpiece: 2,40m x 1,20m x/85kg)

Walls: white gasconcrete, sandcoloured sandwichmetal. Black Box possible.

Hanging Situation: Beams in 2,50m Raster, adjustable Beams for hanging points, load per sqare: 2t.
Maximum load over all: 8t

Heating System: Floor heating system

Load in: Sectional Gate, 3m x 3m


Standproben Tim Mälzer   Standproben The Harlem Gospel Singers
Rehearsals for a cooking show:
Tim Mälzer - Tour
"Ham' se noch Hack"
Rehearsals for: Queen Esther Marrow and The Harlem Gospel Singers


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