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Tutanchamun- Bau von Ausstellungsmobiliar in den Werkstätten von Showconcept

Parts of our workshop for wood, working for Tutanchamun

Tutanchamun- Bau von Ausstellungsmobiliar in den Werkstätten von Showconcept

Ausstellungsmobiliar, angefertigt in den Werkstätten von Showconcept.

Here you see one of the finished exhibition tables in the exhibition.

Tutanchamun-Sein Grab und die Schätze

King Tut / Tutanchamun - His Tomb and The Treasures

The exhibition "Tutanchamun - His Tomb and The Treasures" shows the world’s only museum-quality replica of mankind’s most fascinating tomb and its treasures. Now, for the first time, after 88 years it offers the opportunity to visit the tomb three-dimensionally in its original state - an exhibition highlight..

Showconcept assumes the technical direction and the technical and logistical coordination and realisation of the exhibition worldwide.

This included to find a solution to transport thousands of exhibition objects of all size, safe, without causing any damages.

Every flightcase, every dolly was produced in our workshops individually adjusted to the exhibition objects it was designed for.

For add-ons and the third exhibition Showconcept manufactured exhibition furniture like exhibition tables, shelves and curtains.

Of course according to the existing technical regulations for people and nature, that goes without saying.

You find some pictures out of the making off on the left.

Up to now the exhibition took place in South Africa, Asia (Korea), USA and Europe.


Fotos: Showconcept Archiv, Semmel Concerts